A tribute to the Initiators

The idea of setting up Junior Chamber started in 1959. The three people closely associated in the formation the first chapter in Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) were En. Fauzi Patel, Mr. John Hii and Mr. Michael Chen.

Fauzi Patel was with the Sabah Times and was on a study tour to Australia. The tour was hosted by the Nombour Junior Chamber, Queensland. The study tour motivated him.

About the same time John Hii, was manager of M/S Jardine Waugh Co. and was on a training course in London. He attended the 11th JCI World Congress in Paris. He was impressed with the friendliness, warmth and charm of the participants of the world congress.

Michael Chen, then the Manager of Cathay Cinema, was contacted by Fauzi Patel and John Hii and the idea was mooted to start recruiting members for a Junior Chamber for Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu). In January 1962 a meeting was held with the attendance of Lee Choon Fatt, Robert De Souza, John Su and Geogre Chin to discuss the matter further.

On the 1st July 1962 the 1st Organisational Meeting was held at the Jesselton Recreation Club. There were seveteen members present; RD Patel, John Hii Michael Chen, Lee Choon Fatt, Robert De Souza, John Su, Teo Geok Seang, Yuen Peng Cheng, Mak Sin Loong, Ho Fook Kee, Lim Kim Jee, Lim Beng Aun, John Foo, Spencer Lim, Peter Soong and Liew Yun Choi.

The Jesselton Junior Chamber was created with the following PROTEM officers;

Ag. Chairman John Hii

VP (External) George Chin

VP(Internal) Lee Choon Fatt

Secretary RD Patel

Treasurer Michael Chen


Teo Geok Seng

Hoo Fook Kee

Yeun Peng Cheng

Mak Sin Loong

The Inauguration General Meeting, held on 2nd November 1962, produced the following Board of Directors;

President George Chin

VP (External) Lee Choon Fatt

VP(Internal) John Hii

Secretary James Yapp

Treasurer Foo Tiang Keng


Lawrence Liew

Lim Su Seng

Michael Chen

E. Patel

From a membership size of 17 in 1962, Jesselton Junior Chamber has grown and transformed into Kota Kinabalu Jaycees to Kota Kinabalu Junior Chamber and finally to JCI Kota Kinabalu.


sponsored Intan Jaycees (current JCI Intan) in 1975,

sponsored Tanjung Aru (Current JCI Tanjung Aru) and Penampang Jaycees (Current – JCI Penampang) in 1980;

signed sisterhood pacts with JCI Manila,Philippines (1981), JCI City, Singapore (1983), JCI Lu Chu, Taiwan (1985) and JCI Culiat,Philippines (2009)

hosted JCI Malaysia National Convention in 1978, 1982, 1996, 2005 and 2015

Organised Internet Seminar (Awarded Commercial Education Project Award – 1996 Pusan World Congress, 1996 Annual National Convention Malaysia)

Organised Tolumis Care Centre Charity in 2013, 2014, 2015 (Awarded Best Long Term Community Project – 2014 JCI Malaysia Annual National Convention)

Organised Flagship Project – The Outstanding Young Person of Sabah in 2007, 2009 & 2016

Awarded Premier Award for Most Outstanding Youth Organisation 2016 – by Ministry of Youth and Sports Sabah

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