JCI Angeles City "Culiat" Installation

Feb 20 – JCI Angeles City “Culiat” Installation held on Hotel Vida, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.

JCI Culia Installation
Photographed by: Melvinho at www.melvinho.com

Feb 19 – We are landed in the Clark airport for our Sister Chapter Installation! Mabuhay to JCI Culiat members! They are hot to welcome us at the airport.

JCI Culia Installation

Welcome nite. We having dinner at F.&AM. with our sister and cousin (JCI Chung-Li, Taiwan).JCI Culia Installation

Cultural exchange…
JCI Culia Installation

Our family photo. (Enlargement? Please click on the pix)
JCI Culia Installation

Our family president. From the left: Vivien (our president), Ave (JCI Culiat president ) & Tiger (JCI Chung-Li)?JCI Culia Installation

After dinner we went to S Club. And we had a good exercise in there.
JCI Culia Installation

JCI Culia Installation

Next day, we went to gun club! YES! We got a chance to hold a real gun! And shooting with the real bullet! (Sorry for those members who didn’t join us…)JCI Culia Installation

Whats wrong with Albert!? Don’t know how to hold gun? This is not a paint ball gun lah…JCI Culia Installation

JCI Sen Rafael L. Angeles who is our master teaching us how to operate the gun… Very interesting and new to us! (Don’t jealous members)JCI Culia Installation

After that… We all become a man! (We hold 445)
JCI Culia Installation

JCI Culia Installation

JCI Culia Installation

Don’t play play with our Dragon lady hold M16.
JCI Culia Installation

We went to visit Skill Training Center. That is the join project between JCI Culiat and JCI Chung-Li.JCI Culia Installation

We visited our master’s house. Next year he will host a dinner for us at his new house.?JCI Culia Installation

The high light of the nite – 57th JCI Culiat Installation! Fist time attended another country JCI installation. Very different from our culture.JCI Culia Installation

IPP Chris: I’m a free man now!! Hahaha…
JCI Culia Installation

2009 BOD.
JCI Culia Installation

Congratulated to Ave and BOD!
JCI Culia Installation

President speech in action and moment…
JCI Culia Installation

JCI Culia Installation

Signing Twinning Agreement.
JCI Culia Installation

Twinning Agreement.
JCI Culia Installation

Exchange gift…
JCI Culia Installation

Chris and Mike look very happy!
JCI Culia Installation

President take a group photo with GOH Robin Nepomuceno, President, Association of Baranggay Captains (President’s mum & dad)JCI Culia Installation

Next day, we went to see Thai boxing! First time experience it!
JCI Culia Installation

Look at Presidents and Albert… The fighters must be very handsome and fit! 😎 ?JCI Culia Installation

🙄 Here is the fighters! Cock fighting!
JCI Culia Installation

Gathering with JCI Culiat at PP’s party house. We ate a lot of local foods & drinks. Very delicious! Thanks for the preparing for us!JCI Culia Installation

JCI Culia Installation

Last day, our PPs very jealous of our shooting. So we wanted our PPs happy to go home. We went back shooting. Buda teaching Neel how to hold short gun.JCI Culia Installation

See below is the JCI car plate. Your name can put on the car plate! So good and cool! When will Malaysia can do it ah?JCI Culia Installation

Thanks for everything JCI Culiat members! We gonna miss you all! Ave (P), Chris (IPP), Mike (VP) and Buda (PP) thanks again to you all! Salamat!?p2220656-1

Reported by Melvin Ho, VP X


  1. waw not bad!!!! you guys got chance to hold a gun…

    Albert ah you that drop jcikk water face…next time hold a baretta like a pro..hayah not like a paint ball gun hahahaha

    It good that you guys had a great time there..

  2. wow! these are great photo’s!

    I hope you guys can visit us again soon!

  3. yeap …. this is a GREAT trip ….. I believed that all our members enjoy our trip….

    Most of them are expecting for the next trip …. See you guys soooooon

  4. Thanks Avs! I still arranging the photos. Once i done the color correction I will upload in the gallery. 🙂

    Mmm.. Next trip I hope can go to volcano take some adventures photo! Just joking…
    Or ask buda fly me to the air? Want to try shooting in the air!



  6. hey melvin! sure!!! i will fly you on my plane next time you visit us, but you better bring me something from malaysia or i will push you off the plane bwahahahahaa…

    I’m so happy that all of you enjoyed your stay here in Angeles, when are you guys planning to visit us again?

    you can check our website. http://www.angelesflying.com/planes.html

    the plane i usually drive is the quicksilver. its the red one. yeahhh maaannnn!!!!

  7. hi guys,

    sorry for posting this here.. can anyone please send my gary’s malaysia mobile phone number to me? my philippine mobile number is +63.917.8392832, im going to KL tom (feb 28), i heard gary is in KL and i was hoping to call and possibly meet up with him.

    anyway, please send his number as SMS and not as business card, im currently under roaming service here in BALI and i may nnot receive it if sent as business card. thanks very much for your assistance.


  8. good pictures!!!!…hope to see you soon!!!…. more beer, sisig and chicken pokpok for you guys!!!!

  9. Hi Melvin, great pics. I wish i could grab some shots of yours?(“,)

  10. Buda: 😯 WOw!! Ok buda. I’ll bring and i’ll bring umbrella too…
    WAaa… the plane look too adventure oh… I think I better by assurance 1st… :mrgreen:

    Analee David: Thanks! We all miss your delicious yummy food!

    Edward David: ‘L”,/ Can Edward. Still more pictures no show in this blog. Once I done all the color correction I’ll put all in the gallery. 😉

    *We will let you all know when we will visit you all next trip for join BOD meeting.

  11. What can i say you guys blew us away,we really enjoyed our guys are already planning for next trip,this time bigger,i hope,probably in mid of july ok,take care guys and avs stay away from the guns you’re good,Hehe

  12. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence

  13. Ahoy!

    Finally JCI KK & JCI Angeles City are sisters! I’m so happy for you guys! Make sure “Don’t Stop Renewing Sisterhood Pact”!

    Ah Miau, keep up the good work ah~~~

  14. what a interesting story I read in this blog, respect!

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